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Welcome To The Bushido Karate Association

The Bushido Karate Association is a Non-Profit Organization that has been offering youth and adult programs to people in the University-Area and southwest communities in Edmonton since 1993. Learn more about us here, or browse below for the latest news and information from our organization.

Black Belt Grading Results

Club Members, the BKA had 5 candidates for grading being examined at the Southern Alberta Black Belt grading in Didsbury on May 4th.  We would like to announce the following rankings:

Sensei Craig Pettie - to Godan (5th Degree)
Sensei Scott Knowles - to Yodan (4th Degree)
Sensei Bernadine Jugdutt - to Sandan (3rd Degree)
Sensei Sara Mah - to Shodan (1st Degree)
Sensei Shawn Larmand - to Shodan (1st Degree)

The Bushido Karate Association is incredibly proud of all that you have accomplished.  Well earned!  Thank you as well to all students and member of the wider BKA family who came to support our club members.  The organization had a great day!

Adult Grading Results

Great grading last night! 17 promotions to all coloured belt ranks, including 9 new green belts. 45 people at the dojo, including 15 instructors, and 24 women. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who worked hard on Friday!

Whitecourt Tournament Results

Congratulations to the 32 members of the Bushido Karate Association who attended the Whitecourt Tournament last Saturday. There were a number of notable performances:

Sensei Bernadine Jugdutt Gold in Kumite, Silver in Kata
Sensei Raye Willms Bronze in Kumite
Sensei Elise Leong-Sit Gold in Kata, Bronze in Open Kata, Silver in Kumite
Sensei Michael Chmay Bronze in Kata, Silver in Kumite
Sensei Scott Knowles Silver in Kata
Sensei Craig Pettie Bronze in Kumite
Shawn Larmand Silver in Kata, Gold in Kumite
Ryan Bangit Gold in Kata, Gold in Kumite
Sara Mah Gold in Kata, Gold in Kumite
Andrea Margaret Milne-Epp Bronze in Kata
Ava Milne-Epp Bronze in Kumite
Ethan Wang Gold in Kata, Silver in Kumite
Kai Barrett Silver in Kata
Danilo Bangit Gold in Kata, Gold in Kumite
Claire Beaudoin Bronze in Kata, Silver in Kumite

Our junior members ranks Blue and down and team members collected a further 20 medals with very strong showings in their divisions.

On behalf of the seniors Instructors, I am proud of all accomplishments for all of our students. I'd also like to credit the Instructors working with the BKA Tournament Team for the obvious success of your program.

25th Anniversary Jackets

As we have discussed throughout the year, it is the 25th Anniversary of our organization! To celebrate we unveiled a brand new logo, and have been giving away water bottles, pens, tattoos, and more.

Our team has worked to design brand new BKA Jackets, and we are now making them available to our members!

These StormTech jackets are available for purchase in two styles: a track jacket and an insulated jacket.

Both styles are available to youth and adult members.
Sizing guides are available on online order page!

Orders must be received by February 28th, 2019.

Cheques made payable to Bushido Karate Association. Please have payment submitted in to Sensei Scott (Grandview) or Sensei Raye (Derrick) by February 28th, 2019.

BKA on Facebook

Parents and Club Members,

The Bushido Karate Association maintains a presence on several platforms so we can reach students and friends online.
If you’d like to keep up to date with announcements and information posted from our instructors, you can like us on Facebook!

Tournament Team Year 2

Club Members,

Last year the Bushido Karate Association launched it’s own tournament team!  Our team members received specialized training at exclusive training sessions throughout the year, and every member saw successes at the events they attended.

We’re now ready to select our Year 2 team!  The selection process is available for members ranked Green and up, and will be hosted on September 16th at the Grandview Dojo.

To register to participate in the tryouts process, please take a moment to fill out the registration form online.

Register Online!

2018 Summer Camp for BKA Youth Members

The Bushido Karate Association is offering an exciting summer camp for your karate kid! The camp will include opportunities to further karate training in both kata and kumite, as well as enrichment in self-defense, technique, and physical fitness. Your son or daughter will be able to enjoy indoor and outdoor karate, sports, and crafts.   Come join us, and have fun!

Register now!

This year the students will get to try...

Students will learn the rules of the international ring, work on their kumite strategy, and test their speed and agility with fun and challenging drills!

A wide range of unique and interesting katas are performed on the international stage. Your child can try out movements and techniques from different styles of karate, and maybe even learn a cool new kata!

The art of analyzing kata to find the application behind the moves. We’ll learn about practical self-defense techniques contained within some of the katas the students are already familiar with.
We may have a few surprise guests coming too...

Sign up now for a fun-filled, active, and exciting week!
Grandview Heights Community Hall

12603 63rd Ave, Edmonton
July 23rd - July 27th, 2018
8:30AM - 3:30PM
Cost: $150/child

Fees payable by Cash or Cheque.  Payable on the first day of the camp.

Note: Minimum of 10 Students Registered by June 20th, 2018 for camp to go forward.

Register Online at this link:

Adult Grading Results

Great grading last night!  Congratulations to the 18 adult club members who achieved new ranks ranging from yellow to brown. We had a beautiful night in Edmonton, and were able to move parts of the grading outside to add to the memorable experience.  Thank you as well to the 17 yodansha from the BKA who participated in the Joseke Board, and to the other 11 club members who helped make the event special.

Black Belt Grading Results

Awesome grading day yesterday at the Annual AB Black Belt Grading in Edmonton. Congratulations to four successful candidates from the BKA: Sensei Gene Klenke (to Shodan), Sensei Pedro Garcia Guerra (to Shodan), Sensei Sidney Taylor (to Nidan), Sensei Michael Chmay (to Nidan).

Sensei Freeman was surprised and honoured to be granted his 6th Dan and appreciates the confidence the Senate has shown in him in making this grant!

It was an awesome day, and a time to reflect on the lineage of the karate we train, and thank Sensei Shintani and those who have both transmitted his values and also those who shaped his understanding of martial arts.

Youth Grading Results

Youth Grading complete! We had 87 youth students on the floor, with 54 moving to new ranks.

I want to thank all parents for their support through this fall training session. I also want to thank the 16 instructors and 10 members of the Adult club who came out to help. Your dedication and efforts helped make the event a meaningful one for our students.

Summer Schedule

Adult Club Members,

We being to switch to our summer program times this week:
Tuesday May 2 - Combined ranks 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Friday May 5 - Combined Ranks 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Sunday May 7 - 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Tuesday May 9 - Combined ranks 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Adult Club Grading - Friday May 12 - 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Youth Grading Results


What an awesome grading yesterday! 90 participants, 10 helpers, and 12 black-belts oversaw a grading where 62 young people achieved new rankings.

I want to thank members of the teen and adult class for helping, parents who, throughout the year, got their kids to class, and instructors, who helped make the day special for many bright talents.

Upcoming Events in April/May 2017

Students, here is a quick update of the events coming up in the next few weeks!

Youth Spring Kyu Belt Grading
April 29th, 2017 - 9AM-1PM
Hairy Ainlay School, Edmonton AB

Provincial Black Belt Grading Weekend
May 5th-6th, 2017
Calgary, Alberta

Adult Spring Kyu Belt Grading
May 12th, 2017 - 6PM-9PM
Grandview Dojo, Edmonton AB

Spring Fitness Testing
May 19th, 2017 - 6PM-9PM
Grandview Dojo, Edmonton AB

National Tournament (and Shintani Team selection)
May 26th-28th, 2017
Simcoe/Port Dover, Ontario

Whitecourt Tournament Results

Wow! 25 attendees from Bushido out to the tournament this weekend. On behalf of the instructional team, thank you for your incredible support. We'd also like to again thank Sensei Shelley McGregor for hosting a fantastic tournament this weekend.

Here are the attendees and results from the event this weekend.

Scott Knowles (Sandan - Grandview)
Gold - Kata (Sandan and Up), Gold - Kumite (Nidan and Up), Silver - Open Kata (All Black Belts), Team Gold - King of the Ring Competition, King of the Ring Overall Champion, Overall Black Belt Competitor Award

Bernadine Jugdutt (Nidan - Grandview)
Gold - Open Kata (All Black Belts)

Mike Reynolds (Nidan - Grandview)
Silver - Kumite (Nidan and Up), Team Bronze - King of the Ring Competition

Raye Willms (Nidan - Grandview/Derrick)
Bronze - Kata (Nidan), Team Silver - King of the Ring Competition

Elise Leong-Sit (Shodan - Grandview/Derrick)
Gold - Kata (Shodan), Gold - Kumite (Shodan + Nidan Female), Team Gold - King of the Ring Competition

Michael Chmay (Shodan - Grandview)
Silver - Kumite (Shodan Men), Team Silver - King of the Ring Competition

Sidney Taylor (Shodan - Grandview)
Team Gold - King of the Ring Competition

Bryn Murray (Brown - Grandview)
Gold - Kata

Gene Klenke (Brown - Grandview)
Bronze Kata, Silver - Kumite

Julieta Dikova (Brown - Grandview)

Tony Kurani (Brown - Derrick)
Gold - Kata, Bronze - Kumite

Shawn Larmand (Blue - Grandview)
Bronze - Kata, Gold - Kumite

Alex Wong (Blue - Grandview)
Gold - Kata

Ryan Bangit (Blue Youth - Derrick)
Gold - Kata

Finn Orom (Blue Youth - Derrick)
Bronze - Kata, Gold - Kumite

Andrea Milne-Epp (Green - Grandview)
Bronze - Kata

Emily Muddle (Green Youth - Derrick)
Gold - Kata, Silver - Kumite

Jackson Ulrich (Green Youth - Derrick)
Bronze - Kata

Denise Parsons (Orange - Grandview)
Bronze - Kata, Silver - Kumite

Bayne Murray (Orange Youth - McKernan)
Gold - Kata

Eric Milne-Epp (Orange Youth - McKernan)
Silver - Kata, Bronze - Kumite

Tessa Muddle (Orange Youth - Derrick)
Bronze - Kata

Ava Milne-Epp (Yellow Stripe Youth - McKernan/Grandview)
Gold - Kata, Bronze - Kumite

Jennifer Muddle (Yellow - Derrick)

Jojo Bangit (White - Derrick)
Gold - Kata

Sensei Ron's Visit


A reminder that on Friday, September 23, classes will run from 6:00 - 9:00 pm for all ranks as we welcome Sensei Ron Mattie to our Grandview dojo. Please try to make it for this special event!

Black Belt Grading Results


As head instructor of the Bushido Karate Association, I am very proud of the hard work and dedication of our seven new Nidan Instructors, newly promoted on May 7, 2016:
Sensei Sidney Chan, 2nd Dan
Sensei Raye Willms, 2nd Dan
Sensei Crystal Reynolds, 2nd Dan
Sensei Mike Reynolds, 2nd Dan
Sensei Andrij Demianczuk, 2nd Dan
Sensei Adam Knowles, 2nd Dan
Sensei Bernadine Jugdutt, 2nd Dan

Each is beginning to share their personal reflections on the day on Facebook, and it is clear this accomplishment means a lot to them, as it should! I want to acknowledge the splendid organization of our event and support from the Knowles Family:
Sensei Scott Knowles
Sensei Elliott Knowles
Leonie Knowles

I also want to thank other members of the club, who came out to experience the grading and to support the members of our community. I believe we had 8 other students join us on the floor, to witness the spectacle. Well done Bushido, host organization for the Annual 2016 AB provincial grading!

Upcoming Events Online Registration

Students, if you are looking to register for upcoming events - there is a new tab in the menu system of the website that will allow you to register online.  Currently you are able to register for the upcoming Black Belt Grading in May, and the BKA Youth Karate Camp in July.

Click here to look at upcoming events for which you can register!

Tournament Training

Students, our next tournament team training event will be hosted at Grandview on April 10th from 3:30PM-5:30PM.  Sensei Scott hosts these trainings, and are recommended to students blue and up who have a tournament (or grading) focus.  Kata and kumite skills will be honed and polished for any upcoming events.

Spring Youth Grading

Club members,

Our annual spring grading for our youth members at McKernan and the Derrick Club is quickly approaching.  The event will be hosted on April 23rd at Mother Margaret Mary (9AM-1PM).

More information to follow!

We will be looking to our adult members to help support the event.  Please see Sensei Scott to let us know if you're available to help out.

Holiday Training Hours


After the Adult Gradings on December 11/13, we will shift to the following holiday training hours for all ranks:

Sunday December 13 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Tuesday December 15 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Friday December 18 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Tuesday December 22 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Tuesday December 29 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Tuesday January 5 and onward regular training schedule!  Happy Holidays.



This coming Tuesday, November 10, Sensei Scott Knowles will be marrying his long-time partner Allison in a destination wedding in Orlando Florida. I am honoured to be attending with a number of other instructors. On behalf of the Bushido Karate Association, and all instructors, students, and parents, please join me in wishing Allison and Scott a very happy start to married life!

Adult Grading Results

Students, on Friday May 8th we had our annual spring grading for adult coloured ranks.  With 30 people on the floor, 8 of which were testing for new ranks, we feel the event was a fantastic success!  Congratulations to the members who achieved their goal, and thank you to the other club members who came out to support them.

To Orange:
Rea Naidoo

To Green:
Stephen Lamoureux
Alex Wong
Ethan Franz

To Blue:
Vincent Pham
Kierra Andruko
Ben Lamoureux

To Blue-Stripe:
Ryan Bangit

Black Belt Grading Results

Students, the black belt grading is complete! I'm incredibly excited to announce 2 new black belts for our dojo, and one dan promotion!

Elise Leong-Sit to Shodan
Veronica Pelkowska Krawcewicz to Shodan
Elliott Knowles to Sandan

Congratulations Senseis!

Other black belts on the floor today: Adam Knowles, Michael Chmay, Raye Willms, Janet Ross, Craig Pettie

Joseki Members: Scott Knowles, Kelsey Mramor

Whitecourt Tournament Results


10 members from the BKA travelled out to Whitecourt for the annual tournament over the weekend. Our students represented well, and all came back with trophies, shirts, and other awards! Check out the stats below on who attended the event, and make sure to congratulate them on their success at the tournament when you see them!

Nicklaus Mah (Yellow-stripe Youth) - 1st Kata
Ronin Chan (Yellow-stripe Youth) - 2nd Kata, 1st Kumite
Alex Wong (Orange Adult) - 1st Kata, 1st Kumite
Sara Mah (Blue Youth) - 1st Kata, 1st Kumite
Shawn Larmand (Blue Adult) - 2nd Kata, 2nd Kumite
Veronica Krawcewicz (Brown Adult) - 3rd Kata
Adam Knowles (Shodan-Nidan) - 2nd Kata, 3rd Team King of the Ring
Elliott Knowles (Shodan-Nidan) - 4th Kata, 2nd Team King of the Ring
Scott Knowles (Sandan+) - 2nd Open Kata, 1st Team King of the Ring, King of the Ring Individual Champion

Spring Inter-Club Tournament

On February 14th we held our second Inter-Club Tournament of the year.  With 12 divisions and 72 students from Grandview/McKernan and The Derrick competing in kata, kumite, and pad kumite, we feel the event was a success.  Thank you to all the parents who took the time out to drive and support their kids at the event on the Family Day long weekend.  Thanks as well to all the black belts and coloured belt members from out adult program who came out to support the event.

Youth and Adult Grading Success

We're proud to announce that our youth grading on December 13th had 113 youth students out to the event with 82 achieving new ranks.  Congratulations to you and your families on all your success this term.

At our adult grading on December 12th, we had 5 members move up in rank after a gruelling 3-hour event.  Congratulations, and keep working hard!  Thank you to the club members who came out to support their peers, and thank you to the instructors/black belts who assisted on the Joseki Board.

To Orange:
Alex Wong

To Blue: 
Bryn Murray
Gene Klenke
Ceara Kelly

To Brown: 
Julieta Dikova

Inter-Club Tournament Results

We had 87 kids out to the youth fall inter-club tournament over the weekend competing across 12 ring divisions - 46 From Grandview/McKernan, and 41 from the Derrick Club! All the youth students had the opportunity to compete in Kata, Kumite, and Pad Kumite.

Once again, great work to all the students and to the instructors that helped make the event possible.  Next event for youth members will be our Fall Grading on December 13th.

BKA Competition Team

Students, next Saturday we will be hosting our inaugural "BKA team training camp" at the McKernan dojo. This event is open to all youth and adult students of the Derrick and Grandview/McKernan.

The purpose of the team is to allow students with a tournament focus to get specialized training in preparation for competition events. The coaching team will host events both in and out of class time to help you train to succeed at events you attend (and there are a few other perks too!). Check out the documentation here.

Head Coach: Scott Knowles
Assistant Coaches: All Black Belt Team Members
Administrative Contact (Grandview): Mike Reynolds
Administrative Contact (Derrick): Raye Willms
Advisors: James Freeman, Kelsey Mramor

McKernan Youth Class Rescheduled

Youth Students/Parents,

On September 27th (for one class only), we will be giving up our training space to a happy couple looking to get married at the McKernan community hall where we train our youth members.  To make up the training time we have booked out our Grandview dojo for youth students to train from 11:15AM-12:15AM for all ranks.

All the best to the happy couple!

Fall Fitness Testing

On Friday September 26th (from 6-9PM), we will be hosting our annual fall fitness testing for teen/adult members of the BKA at Grandview.  These tests are performed at the beginning of our fall term, and the end of our spring term so that you can quantitatively compare your personal fitness as it stands today vs your growth in the next 8 months.  The protocol will be the same as fitness tests past, but the full documentation will be sent out by Sensei Freeman over email.

Fall Classes Have Resumed

Students, classes at Grandview for adults, as well as youth programs at McKernan and the Derrick have began their fall semester in the past week.  Please make sure to check out our class times page for more information on classes for you, or your kids!  We look forward to seeing you, and having a fantastic term together.

BKA Youth Summer Camp

The BKA is hosting a summer camp for our youth students in August!  The camp will run in the afternoon from August 18-22 for current students of both the Derrick and Grandview/McKernan.  For more details, check your email!  If you didn't receive an email with regard to the camp, please contact the instructional staff.

National Tournament Results

Students, Here are the results from the National Tournament hosted in Ontario. I am pleased to see all of the kata medals. Congratulations to all members of the BKA who made the trip to Ontario to compete:

Sensei Scott Knowles (National Team Member)
Division: Nidan/Sandan Men

Mandatory Kata (Chinto) - Silver

Open Kata (Taisei) - Silver

Kumite - Silver

Sensei Bernadine Jugdutt (National Team Member)

Division: Shodan Women

Mandatory Kata (Kushanku) - Silver

Open Kata (Taisei) - Silver

Kumite - Silver

Sensei Janet Ross
Division: Shodan Women

Mandatory Kata (Kushanku) - Gold

Open Kata (Taisei) - Gold

Elise Leong-Sit

Division: Brown Women

Open Kata (Kushanku) - Gold

Kumite - Gold

Ben Hallworth

Division: Blue Men

Open Kata (Pinan Godan) - Silver

Spring Grading Results

Great grading last night! Congratulations to those who achieved their new rank - you did the club proud!

Alex Wong - to Yellow
Chris Cheng - to Yellow
Aiden Lynch - to Green
Salmaan Rashiq - to Blue
Loren Andruko - to Blue
Shawn Larmand - to Blue

Reminder that our final grading of the season will be on Sunday from 6-9 for the teens.  All BKA members are encouraged to come out and support the event!


Black Belt Grading in Edson

The provincial grading was held in Edson over the weekend, and both our candidates were successful at the event!  Sensei Mathew Swallow moved from brown to Shodan, and Sensei Scott Knowles moved from Nidan to Sandan.  The event was attended by 10 members of the Bushido Karate Association.

Congratulations to your club mates, and all the students who were successful over the weekend.


Upcoming Events

Here's a summary of all the upcoming events.
Check out our events tab for more information on these events.

Youth Grading - Saturday April 26th, 2014 - Mother Margarget Mary School.
Black Belt Grading - Saturday May 3rd, 2014 - Edson, Alberta.
Adult Grading - Friday May 9th, 2014 - Grandview Dojo.
Teen Grading - Sunday May 11th, 2014 - Grandview Dojo.

Saskatoon Tournament - Saturday April 5th, 2014 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Whitecourt Tournament - Saturday April 12th, 2014 - Whitecourt, Alberta.
National Tournament - Saturday May 24th, 2014 - Simcoe, Ontario.

Saskatoon Tournament Clinic - Friday April 4th, 2014 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Whitecourt Tournament Clinic - Friday April 11th, 2014 - Whitecourt, Alberta.
Whitecourt Black Belt Clinic - Sunday April 13th, 2014 - Whitecourt, Alberta.
Black Belt Grading Clinic - Friday May 2nd, 2014 - Edson, Alberta.
National Tournament Clinic - Friday May 23rd, 2014 - Simcoe, Ontario.

Other Events
Fitness Testing - Friday May 16th, 2014 - Grandview Dojo.

Grandview Kids Classes Now at McKernan Community League

Just a reminder to parents of students in our youth program that we have now moved the youth program to McKernan's brand new community league! We have the main hall, as well as a second hall booked in the facility so that all students can train at the same time (on Tuesdays). As such, we will be returning to our standard time of 5:45PM-6:45PM on Tuesdays. Our Saturday multi-class structure will remain unchanged (9:30-10:30, 10:30-12:00).

All teen and adult training will remain at our Grandview dojo.
Check out our class times pages for more information!

Karate Over The Holidays

With 105 students receiving new ranks throughout our grading weekend, the fall semester draws to a close.  Youth students can enjoy a short break throughout the holiday season, but adult classes will continue on Tuesdays and Fridays from 6:30-8:30.  We will host two more Sunday classes on December 15th, and December 22nd from 6:00-8:00.

Adult Training Schedule
Tuesday, December 10th - 6:30PM-8:30PM
Friday, December 13th - 6:30PM-8:30PM
Sunday, December 15th - 6:00PM-8:00PM
Tuesday, December 17th - 6:30PM-8:30PM
Friday, December 20th - 6:30PM-8:30PM
Friday, December 20th - 8:45PM-Close (BKA Dinner)
Sunday, December 22nd - 6:00PM-8:00PM
Tuesday, December 24th - Cancelled
Friday, December 27th - 6:30PM-8:30PM
Tuesday, December 31st - Cancelled
Friday, January 3rd - 6:30PM-8:30PM

Youth Grading Results

Wow. We had a record-setting day for our club today. Our youth programs from the Derrick and Grandview clubs saw 134 kids show up, with 95 receiving new rankings this morning. Thanks too to our 13 instructors and eleven members of our adult club who helped out today. I am proud of all of our youth members, and wish everyone Season's Greetings. Back in January!

Adult Grading Results

Our fall adult grading is now complete, and congratulations are in order for three students!  Congratulations to Bryn and Gene for achieving the rank of Green, and congratulations to Aaron for achieving the rank of Blue.  Well deserved gentlemen!

7th Commonwealth Karate Championships 2013

As members of the Shintani Canadian National Team, Sensei Scott and Sensei Bernadine will be travelling to Montreal to compete in the 7th Annual Commonwealth Karate Championships.  This is a WKF sanctioned international event, so Scott and Bernadine will be competing with WKF standardized versions of katas and following WKF rules for their kumite divisions.  For more information on the event, click here!

Tuesday Adult Class Times

As a result of incredible registration in our youth program, we have had to add a second youth class on Tuesdays.  As a result, adult training will not begin until 7:30 now on Tuesday. We know 9:00 pm is a hard deadline for a number of you, and so we will push strength training to an optional time on Tuesdays of 9:00 - 9:30 pm.

On behalf of the Youth program, I want to thank all Adult members for their consideration. We should have a resolution to the situation by January, and will seek to return to our regular times then.

Tuesday Youth Class Times Adjusted

As announced in class last Tuesday, we are overwhelmed and humbled by the turn-out we have received to our Tuesday time.  Last week, we set a record for having 48 kids on the floor. This, however, creates a problem, as the space and amount of equipment available is not sized to have this many students present at the same time.
As such, we are splitting the Tuesday time into two separate timeslots:
5:30 – 6:30 pm (White - White Stripe)
6:30 – 7:30 pm (Yellow and Up)
These times are effective September 24.
While the times suggests that the first time in for white and white stripe, this is not strictly the case, and both timeslots are open to any ranks.  As the beginner group includes younger kids, we do expect they will favour the earlier timeslot.  However, we are giving parents an option to choose the time slot that works best for them, and hoping that we get a roughly even split.  We’ll see how things work out this Tuesday.
I should point out too that your child’s registration in the BKA entitles them to train twice a week if you choose.  This means you can also attend the Saturday class, or, if you want to attend only once per week, but miss a Tuesday, there is no problem dropping in on Saturdays.
We appreciate your flexibility in adapting to our positive situation this Fall.  This will allow us to ensure the highest quality of instruction for your kids.

August Yamagamori

Over the weekend instructors and members from the adult program went on a Yamagamori (Retreat to the Mountains) in Nipika, BC.  We were joined by the Fidyk family from the South Calgary Dojo for the weekend.

Highlights included a 25km canoe trip down the Kootenay River (and jumping in!), hikes to secluded mountain vistas, and a highly competitive game of frisbee golf.  We would like to thank Lyle Wilson of the Nipika Mountain Resort for creating an unforgettable experience for our members.
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New Website Launched

Sensei Scott has completed the design for a new website for the club, and if you're reading this, you're on it! The new site is high resolution, mobile device friendly, and is fully loaded with all the content you had access to before (as well as plenty of new stuff). Of special note is the new media gallery, and the completely revamped Members section. Take a browse around, and enjoy the new site!

More New Ranks

Our annual spring adult grading was hosted earlier this evening, and we are very happy to announce that 13 students moved forward in ranks.  Congratulations!

To Yellow: Caeleigh
To Orange: Vincent, Gene
To Green: Brennan, Loren, Aaron, Shawn
To Blue: Rafael, Preston, Hassan
To Brown: Veronica, Erin, Elise

Grading Success

The BKA is incredibly proud to announce the addition of FIVE new black belts into our ranks!  Mike Reynolds, Crystal Sincennes, Andrij Demianczuk, Raye Willms, and Janet Ross were all successful at the grading this weekend in Calgary.  Congratulations!  We as a club commend you on your tremendous success.

Youth Gradings Completed

The Youth Program is now wrapped up for Spring 2013. Over the last two Saturdays, we have examined a total of 110 students, with 56 progressing to new ranks.

Congratulations to all students, and a special thank you to all instructors and adult club members who came out to support our event. Without your help, we could not achieve our objective of providing a quality event for our students.

Remembering Sensei Lyle Muenchrath

On behalf of the Bushido Karate Association, I wish to express our thoughts for Janet, Adam and Jill Muenchrath and to Lyle's extended karate family in the South Calgay club, as well as those in the wider karate community in Alberta who benefitted from Sensei Lyle's teachings.

I will remember him as a quiet man but the sort of strong pillar upon which you can build a club. He was a good friend to my close friends Heather and Darren, and for that I am truly grateful. The iron Wado gates he welded for the Fidyks and which they proudly hang at their home will remain a reminder of his talents off the floor and loyalty to those who trained with him on the floor.

In Harmony

The latest issue of the Harmonizer is now available.

In Harmony

The latest Harmonizer is now available.

Latest Harmonizer

The latest issue of the Harmonizer has been released. It is a very robust issue and includes articles from both Sensei Freeman and Sensei Scott detailing Sensei Abernethy's visit as well as his approach to kata study. Check out the members section to enjoy!

Team Try-outs

Congratulations to Sensei Kelsey for making the team again. it sounded like a very busy weekend with lots of highs.
Congratulations as well to Sensei Scott for what sounds like a great performance at the try-outs.

New Website Layout

A big thank you to Sensei Scott for refreshing the website's look and feel.
New member features will be forthcoming.

Congratulations SWKKF Team

Congratulations to the National SWKKF team on their recent performance at the World Traditional Martial Arts Championships in Italy November 4-8. All team members demonstrated the quality of our training and were true ambassadors for the character of the people in our organization. Sensei Shintani would no doubt have been proud.

Our very own Sensei Kelsey Ross did well, medalling in a number of events. She's been very modest about her accomplishment, but we're very proud of what she achieved.

Iaido Demonstration

On January 6, the BKA was pleased to have Sensei Dave Rathnow, a Godan in Iaido (the Japanes art of drawing the sword), perform a demonstration of Iaido katas with his katana (long sword). The posture, precision, and realism he brought to his kata practice made it easy to se the parallels between Iaido kata and karate kata. The BKA appreciates Sensei's visit and the insights he provided to the lineage and history of Iaido.
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