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Welcome To The Bushido Karate Association

The Bushido Karate Association is a Non-Profit Organization that has been offering youth and adult programs to people in the University-Area and southwest communities in Edmonton since 1993. Learn more about us here, or browse below for the latest news and information from our organization.

Black Belt Grading Results


As head instructor of the Bushido Karate Association, I am very proud of the hard work and dedication of our seven new Nidan Instructors, newly promoted on May 7, 2016:
Sensei Sidney Chan, 2nd Dan
Sensei Raye Willms, 2nd Dan
Sensei Crystal Reynolds, 2nd Dan
Sensei Mike Reynolds, 2nd Dan
Sensei Andrij Demianczuk, 2nd Dan
Sensei Adam Knowles, 2nd Dan
Sensei Bernadine Jugdutt, 2nd Dan

Each is beginning to share their personal reflections on the day on Facebook, and it is clear this accomplishment means a lot to them, as it should! I want to acknowledge the splendid organization of our event and support from the Knowles Family:
Sensei Scott Knowles
Sensei Elliott Knowles
Leonie Knowles

I also want to thank other members of the club, who came out to experience the grading and to support the members of our community. I believe we had 8 other students join us on the floor, to witness the spectacle. Well done Bushido, host organization for the Annual 2016 AB provincial grading!

Upcoming Events Online Registration

Students, if you are looking to register for upcoming events - there is a new tab in the menu system of the website that will allow you to register online.  Currently you are able to register for the upcoming Black Belt Grading in May, and the BKA Youth Karate Camp in July.

Click here to look at upcoming events for which you can register!

Tournament Training

Students, our next tournament team training event will be hosted at Grandview on April 10th from 3:30PM-5:30PM.  Sensei Scott hosts these trainings, and are recommended to students blue and up who have a tournament (or grading) focus.  Kata and kumite skills will be honed and polished for any upcoming events.

Spring Youth Grading

Club members,

Our annual spring grading for our youth members at McKernan and the Derrick Club is quickly approaching.  The event will be hosted on April 23rd at Mother Margaret Mary (9AM-1PM).

More information to follow!

We will be looking to our adult members to help support the event.  Please see Sensei Scott to let us know if you're available to help out.

Northern Alberta Black Belt Pre-Grading

Students, a reminder that the Bushido Karate Association will be hosting the Northern Alberta Pre-Grading on March 20th at the Derrick Club (10AM-2PM).  This event is recommended for any students looking to grade at the Provincial Grading in May.  All students brown and up are encouraged to attend this event.

South Calgary Tournament

Students, the South Calgary Tournament is coming up quickly on March 12th.  If you are looking to attend, pre-registration is available online.  Please check out our events section of the website for full details.

A large portion of our black belt instructional staff will be making the trip down to represent the club.  We wish them well!

Youth Inter-Club Tournament

Students, we will be hosting our annual spring inter-club tournament for Derrick and McKernan youth members.  The event will be hosted on February 14th from 9AM-1PM at Lillian Osborne High School.

Back to Karate!

Students, our 2016 term is in full swing!  There have been some slight changes made to the schedule of some of our classes, so be sure to check your class hours to ensure you or your child are attending the correct classes.  Reminder - it's not too late to start for beginners!  If you have friends or family members who are interested in joining the program, they are welcome to attend class and try it out.

In the winter season we see a variety of training opportunities across the province for our members to attend.  Please check out our events section online for up to date information on clinics, tournaments, and gradings coming up in the next 6 months!

Holiday Training Hours


After the Adult Gradings on December 11/13, we will shift to the following holiday training hours for all ranks:

Sunday December 13 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Tuesday December 15 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Friday December 18 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Tuesday December 22 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Tuesday December 29 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Tuesday January 5 and onward regular training schedule!  Happy Holidays.

BKA Fall Youth Grading


The BKA Annual Fall Youth Grading will be held Saturday, December 5 at AJM, 750 Leger Way, at the following times:

a. If your son or daughter is currently a white or white-stripe student, or is green belt or higher, then they are to arrive by 9 am for a 9:15 am start. For white and white stripe, your grading will be done by 10:45, and you’ll be free to go at that time.

b. If your son or daughter is currently yellow up to orange stripe, they should be at the venue by 10:30 for a 10:45 am start. Their grading will be done by 12:30.

For members of the Adult Club, if you can come out and help, it would be much appreciated!

Please download the information PDF in the events section for more details!
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